New smart gym in Jacksonville brings traditional workouts into the 21st Century

Their smart machines allow for a full workout in just 20 minutes.

It’s pretty easy to come up with reasons not to go to the gym.

For some, it’s too hard. For others, they don’t know what they’re doing or it takes too much time. Well now, a new smart gym has come to the First Coast and it features new technology designed to give a full workout in just 20 minutes. 

“We’ve got smartphones and smart cars, well now it’s time to have a smart workout,” said Chris Stanley, franchise owner of The Exercise Coach gym in Jacksonville.

Stanley says it’s all in the smart machines and it starts with a person’s individualized pin.

“When you come in for the first time, you go through and set your max so we know your strength level,” Stanley said. “And every time you come and workout, it remembers your workout because of your pin.”

The machine is able to change the weight level to wherever a person needs it, and you’d use the same force as you would with a traditional weighted machine. 

“That’s what’s great about it, there’s no way to kind of cheat it, because you’ll see what your level of effort is,” Stanley said. “So we’re able to get great results in just twice a week, 20 minutes a day.”

Michelle Weaver, who was doing her first full guided workout at the gym, says for her it takes the guesswork out of working out on her own.

“I don’t know how to choose what weight I’m doing when I’m doing it on my own, I’m always wondering, ‘Am I doing this right? Am I gonna get hurt? Am I doing too much?'” Weaver said. “I just never really know how many reps to do. This takes all the thinking away from you so you can just focus on the actual exercises.”

Stanley says it’s great for older users or people with prior injuries.

Weaver says it’s a good workout for general users too.

“It’s harder than I expected it to be, to be honest,” Weaver laughed.

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