Specialty Leasing

Sleiman is your partner whether you are looking for a permanent space or a pop-up. With many options including but not limited to holiday sales, tent sales, pop-ups, temporary leases, advertising and more.

How We Can Help

Sleiman is excited to offer specialty leasing and Strategic Business Partnerships through different programs. We are here to help you achieve your dream and assist you along the way. With an impressive property portfolio offering great visibility, convenient locations and strong demographics – we promise to be your partner in leasing.

Our Offerings

  • A variety of shopping centers with convenient locations and unit sizes
  • Strong co-tenancy opportunities
  • Flexible leasing terms
  • Strong history and 70+ experience for making deals
  • Market knowledge
  • Ability to experiments in new markets with minimal risk

For more information and to set up a tour of properties that fits your business needs, see site plans and review markets, contact our specialty leasing team. We look forward to working with you to achieve success.

Seasonal or Short-term in-line Spaces:

  • Pop Ups Sales
  • Tent Sales
  • Halloween Sales
  • Clothing Consignment
  • Furniture Tent Pop Ups
  • Liquidation Sales
  • Toy Stores

Parking Lot Spaces:

  • Parking Lot Promotions
  • Farmer’s Markets
  • Outdoor Events
  • Boat Shows
  • Firework Sales
  • Seasonal: Plants, Flowers, Pumpkins, and Christmas Trees Sales
  • Clothing Recycle Bins
  • Food Vending Units
  • Car Charging Stations

Strategic Business Partnerships:

  • ATM Machines
  • Cell Towers/Antennas
  • Vending Machines
  • Advertising (Banners, Window Graphics, Mobile Media)
  • Product Sampling
  • Film Base Camps

Retail Merchandising Unit:

  • Kiosks
  • Carts
  • Food Vending Units
  • Interior/exterior locations

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We have worked with Sleiman for many years and each year they make doing business together an enjoyable experience.